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Midland Irish Setter Society
Championship Show 
18th February 2018

Archive photo
DCC & Best In Show Sh Ch Copper's War of Roses (Crocker & Siddle)
Res Dog CC - Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW (Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie)
Bitch CC & Res Best In Show  Ch Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW (Mugford)
Res Bitch CC  Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure (Bott)
Best Puppy In Show  Lynwood Abracadabra (Mugford)
Best Veteran In Show  Sh Ch Gwendariff Soda Pop To Wynjill (Holley)

Judges: Mrs S Chorley-Newton (Dogs) &  Mrs C Butler (Bitches)
Brenda Levick (Corriecas)

Sad news received today from Lesley Armstrong-Rodgers & Peter Armstrong
to report the sudden death of Brenda Levick on 25th January
Our sincere condolences to Brenda's family (See notice HERE)

Brenda's funeral service was held at Kirton Holy Trinity Church, Kirton, Nottinghamshire NG22 9LU,
on Friday 16th February at 1.00pm

Below I thought I would share an extract from a profile I first published in 2007 on this website

Brenda with Sh Ch Corriecas Fagan - Winning Reserve Best In Show at Crufts 1983
His 3rd CC
Judge: Mr Parkinson

Fagan was born in June 1976, by Sh Ch Corriecas Baron out of Corriecas Marshall. Both parents were home bred. Corriecas Marshall was by Sh Ch Cornevon Lovebird out of Corriecas Desdemona. Fagan won his first CC in September 1982 and another in October 1982. Then came Crufts in February 1983. Brenda recalls that incredible day. “In all the excitement of this event I thought how wonderful it would be if Fagan won his third CC, to make him a show champion,” she said “Winning the open class was an achievement in itself, as the competition was intense. “Best of Breed came as a bonus and a great surprise. What a thrill it was to hear the loud applause from my fellow exhibitors – to have their approval, as it were, for Fagan to be the ambassador of our lovely breed in the Gundog Group. “Winning the group came as a complete shock – I was elated but could not really grasp the significance of it – that Fagan was to be considered for BIS at Crufts. “Running Fagan into the big ring with the other five dogs is a misty memory – all I remember thinking was ‘this is like an endurance test’ (for me, not for the dog)! “Mr Parkinson made his decision quickly, but before the moment he made the Afghan BIS I was seized with optimism as he strode over to Fagan for a last look. “I glanced at my noble Irish, continuing to show his socks off the whole time – what a showman! “I managed to stay calm when they announced the Irish Setter RBIS – after that I was in a dreamlike state of being shocked and stunned. “The reality of it became evident when the photographers rushed into the ring, like fans on a football field, swarming around – flash, flash! Smile! Look at the dog! Hold his tail! This seemed to go on for ever. “It is something I will remember for the rest of my life. My home-bred dog had become RBIS at Crufts! Would I take an open cheque for him? One look at Fagan and money could not buy him – he was my champion, my companion and my friend. The click, click of the cameras never perturbed him – he carried on lashing his tail and enjoying every minute of his success.”

Brenda’s Corriecas kennel was established in 1963. The affix is derived from a gully in the Cairngorm Mountains where Brenda, whilst on a skiing holiday, saw an Irish Setter for the first time. The basic Corriecas bloodline stemmed from Raycroft/Hartsbourne/Brendower stock.


Brenda’s foundation dog and bitch were
Acornbank Buccaneer (born 1963),
by Sh Ch Brackenfield Hartsbourne Bronze
out of Raycroft Bayford, and Brendower Kontessa,
by Brendower Bronze out of Echo of Myre.
Put together, they produced Corriecas Desdemona
and Corriecas Sheba who, in 1969, when
mated to Sh Ch Wendover Gentleman,
produced Sh Ch Corriecas Baron.

Acornbank Buccaneer (Born 1963)

Corriecas Desdemona

Sh Ch Corriecas Baron

Baron won his first CC, best of breed, group and reserve best in show at Manchester in 1972. In all he won three Gundog Groups. “Baron was beautifully proportioned, well co-ordinated, with lots of showmanship,” says Brenda. “Among his progeny were:

Sh Ch Corriecas Fagan, Corriecas Jamie, Sh Ch Raycroft Bo’sun, Irish Champion Corriecas Zavier and numerous championship show winning dogs.”

                                       Brenda's First Championship Show Appointment

Brenda first gave CC's at Leicester in 1974, when she awarded the dog CC to Fearnley Firespark and the bitch CC to Sh Ch Marrona Meriel. Since then she has awarded CCs many time, and had the honour of judging bitches at Crufts in 1982. Brenda is an international judge and has judged at numerous championship shows abroad, including in Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Malta and Germany, and she judged at the very first gundog show of the Association for Hunting and Conservation in Malta.

Extract from a breeder profile compiled by Sue Edwins & Colin N Waddell 2007

Manchester Championship Show
21st January 2018

Bitch CC & BOB
Sh Ch Shandwick Love In A Mist For Teleri JW (Catling)
Res Bitch CC Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW (Waterton)

Dog CC *** Sh Ch Caemgen's Element Of Truth At Feorlig (Swed Imp) (Bayne & Miller) (Above)
Res Dog CC  Int Ch Paris Match Thendara JW (Lauwers, Milligan-Bott & Bott)
Best Puppy  Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana (Danks-Kemish)

Judge: Mr B Faurvrelle 

*** Show Champion subjest to KC Confirmation
Prosecco & Cake at Manchester

Pam & Bill Mitchell at Manchester Championship Show

Celebrating with friends that all important 3rd CC gained a Boston Ch Show,
to claim Amblin's Sweet William's Show Champion Title
Cake provided by Lynn Muir & Julie Nicholls, collage photo by Colin Waddell 
ITV Britain’s Favourite Dogs Top 100

All is revealed

Did you wonder which Irish Setter was featured?

Reddins Falcon Sh CM (Ranger) 1 CC, 2 res CC’s

Owned by Steph & Steve Wood. The footage was filmed at Crufts last year.

We would like to thank everyone who provided news, results and photographs for the website during 2017.
Special thanks to Trudy Walsh our Irish Correspondent for her coverage of all the Irish shows.
Also the many overseas exhibitors for the International coverage we provide.

Below you can see statistics provided by the web hosting company we use, even more
visits & pages viewed than last year

2017 Unique visitors Pages Hits
Total 84,429 367,459 9,723,314

Please continue to share your news, results and photographs in 2018.
We can't cover every Irish Setter event, so we depend on your contribution. So get your camera, mobile phone or ipad out and photograph the main winners. If you are judging at home or abroad why not email in your photos.
If you are a main winner at a Championship Show make sure your dog is featured in the results.
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Our Dogs National Awards 2017

Congratulations To All the Winners in our breed

Top Dog -  Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses (Arthur)
24cc’s, 13 RCC’s, 4 x BISS, 2 x RBIS All breeds, 3 x G1, 1 x G2, 3 x G3 1 x G4
Owned by: Black Crocker & Amelia Siddle

Top Puppy  -  Suteresett King Of Hearts (King)
Owned by: Mrs Teresa & Miss Gemma Gisby

Top Breeder
Mrs Diane Stewart-Ritchie (Gwendariff)

North East of England Irish Setter Club
Annual General Meeting 
Sunday 4th March 2018
Belmont Community Association, Gilesgate Moor, Durham commencing 2.00pm

More details on the Club Website HERE
Boston Championship Show
5th January 2018

Dog CC & Best of Breed  *** Sh Ch Amblin's Sweet William (Mitchell)

Photo: Laura Kolbach

Bitch CC Aoibheanne's Stay With Me (Nevitt)

Res Dog CC Sh Ch  Forfarian I'm Sexy an I Know It JW (Sturrock)
Res Bitch CC
Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood JW (Mugford)
Best Puppy Lynwood Abracadabra (Mugford)

Judge: Diane McDonald

*** New Show Champion subject to Kennel Club confirmation
Dublin Dog Show Society Ch Show
27th December 2017

Dog Green Star, Best of Breed & Group 1 Stewart-Ritchie’s Sh Ch & Gb Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW, CW’15, RAF.
Bitch Green Star Stewart & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff in Neon Lights.

Reserve Green Star Stewart’s Gwendariff Weekend Warrior RAF.
Reserve Green Star Walsh’s Fairhaven Xperia at Ardbraccan
Judge; Mrs M. Rainey (N. Ireland)

North East of England Irish Setter Club

Announcement re change of venue & date for 2018 Open Show
see details on the club website  HERE

LKA Championship Show
10th December 2017

Bitch CC &
Best of Breed & Group 2   Sh Ch Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream (Armitage)
Res Bitch CC  Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood JW  (Mugford)
Dog CC Amblin 's Sweet William (Mitchell)
Res Dog CC Pawsword Priceless To Kerryfair JW (Chorley-Newton & Chroley & Flinders)
Best Puppy  Wynjill Snap Dragon (Holley)
Best Veteran  Sh Ch Gwendariff Soda Pop to Wynjill (Holley)

Judge: Miss Becky Box
Clogran Championship Show
25th November  2017

Dog Green Star & Best of Breed O’Neill & Cahill’s Sh Ch Currowhill Grey Guy CJW’13, Jun. Ch.
Reserve Dog Green Star Quinn & McNamara’s Clannrua Lord Henry at Kilnacourt.
Bitch Green Star Donnelly’s Ch & Int Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon An Ch’15,CW’16 &’17 Jun Ch.

Judge; Mr K. Kennedy (Ireland)
Irish Red & White Setters

Dog Green Star & Best of Breed Dolan’s Sh Ch Cilleigne Finn Mac Cumhaill CJW’17, HW 16, Jun Ch.
Res Dog Green Star McDermott’s Cilleigne Cu Chullainn @ Drumlace AJW’15, AW’16, Ir. Jun. Ch., Lux. Jun. Ch., GW’17, SW ’17.
Bitch Green Star Conefrey’s Saidhbhin Merry Dancer.
Res Bitch Green Star Scott’s Saidhbhin Tillytu Twilight

Judge; Mrs O. Murray (Ireland)

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland
11th November 2017

Dog CC & BOB Sh Ch Coppers’s War of Roses BOB (Crocker & Siddle)
Res Dog CC Staratlanta Elliott Sh CM (Tupper & Rosie)
Bitch CC Riverbrue Gloriana (Crocker & Siddle)
Res Bitch CC Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess At Lochindorb (Nicolson)
Best Veteran Ch Coppers Wine 'N Roses (Kolbach)
Best Puppy Strathmead Noella (Frampton)

Judge: Mrs M Thomas-Rhodes

Thanks to Blake for the photo
The Setter & Pointer Club Championship Show
4th November 2017

The Sturrock Family Make History
Twins Jenna & Nicola & Mum Sandra win both Challenge Certificates with litter brother & sister
Dog CC & BOB Sh Ch Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know it JW (Jenna Sturrock) (R)
Bitch CC
Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW (L) (Nicola Sturrock)

Judges:    Bitches: Mrs B Berry (L)  Dogs: Mrs L Macaulay (R)

The Setter & Pointer Club    -     PHOTOS TO PURCHASE HERE

Midland Counties Championship Show
29th October 2017


Bull Breeds Association Championship Show
29th October 2017

Dog Green Star & Best of Breed Hughes’ Corradeelish Pheasant at Cloonminda Jun. Ch.
Reserve Green Star Loughlin’s Sh Ch Rohanmor It’s All About Alfie JunCh, JD, An Ch ’16, CW’17.
Bitch Green Star Walsh’s Fairhaven Xperia at Ardbraccan.
Reserve Green Star Loughlin’s Sh Ch Rohanmor Jorja On My Mind Jun Ch JD.
Judge; Mrs A. Lebioda (Ireland)

North East of England Irish Setter Club
Championship Show
21st October 2017

Full Results & more photographs on the Club Website HERE


Gundog Society of Wales
11th October 2017

Dog CC & BOB Riverbrue  Alchemist Amidst  Kespas JW (Stockton)
Bitch CC Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW (Sturrock)
Res Dog
CC Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW (Milligan-Bott & Bott)
Res Bitch CC
Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW (Bott, Allen & Morgan)

Best Puppy Strathmead Noella (Frampton)
Best Veteran  Sh Ch Thendara  Jocasta JW (Gardner)

Judge: Mrs A Moss

If you have photos of the above show you would like to share please e-mail
South Wales Kennel Association
7th October 2017

CC, BOB & Group 3 Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW (Milligan-Bott & Bott)
Res Dog CC Sh Ch Thendara Commitment JW (Milligan-Bott & Bott)
Bitch CC Brinara Vanity Fair JW (Berry & morris)
Res Bitch CC
Sh Ch Thendara  Jocasta JW (Gardner)
Best Puppy Strathmead Noella (Frampton)

Judge: Mrs G M Cove-Print

If you have photos of the above show you would like to share please e-mail
Irish Setter Association, England Championship Show
30th September 2017

Dog CC & Best In Show
Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses (Mrs T & Miss G Gisby Suteresett King Of Hearts & Crocker) (L)
Bitch CC Sh Ch Aoibheannes's Say No More (Ciechonska) (R)
Res Dog CC Sh Ch & INT Ch Copper's Magiska Under (Ostman)
Res Bitch CC Copper's Roses All Over (Crocker, Ostman & Siddle)
Best Puppy In Show Anlory Duncan (Naylor & Morrison)
Best Veteran In Show Ch Copper's Wine N Roses (Kolbach)

Judges: Mrs P Pollard (Dogs) & Mrs J Frampton (Bitches)

Full Rults & More Photos on ISAE Website  HERE

Photos available to purchase at

Bitch CC Sh Ch Aoibheannes's Say No More (Ciechonska) (L
Res Bitch CC Copper's Roses All Over (Crocker, Ostman & Siddle) (R)
Mrs J Frampton

Dog CC & Best In Show Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses (Siddle & Crocker) (L)
Res Dog CC Sh Ch & INT Ch Copper's Magiska Under (Ostman)
Judge: Mrs P Pollard

Best Puppy In Show Anlory Duncan (Naylor & Morrison) (L)
Best Veteran In Show Ch Copper's Wine N Roses (Kolbach) (R)
Judges: Mrs P Pollard (Dogs) & Mrs J Frampton (Bitches)

Main Winners

Brace - Mr G & Mrs C Stevenson


Thank you so much to everyone who brought along super prizes for our Mega Raffle and also
to the many people who bought tickets to support it
Many thanks on behalf of the Officers & Committee of the ISAE

Photos available to purchase at


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