Irish Setters UK & Ireland  

Championship Show Judges 2016





Boston & District C.S

8th January

Miss E Ciechonska Miss E Ciechonska

Manchester Dog Show Soc

17th January

Miss A Douthwaite Miss A Douthwaite

Midlands Irish Setter Society

14th February 

Mr G Condron Mr D Pike


11th March 

Mrs R E A Rose-Hay Mrs C Hogsflesh

Irish Setter Breeders Club

26th March

Miss J Northend Ms M Hunter

Irish Setter Club of Scotland

9th April 

Mrs C Warner Mrs C Warner

Irish Setter Club of Wales

17th April

Mrs K Richardson Mr R Blomme


22nd April

Mrs S Christian Mrs S Christian

Birmingham Dog Show Soc

5th May 

Mr C Atkinson Mr C Atkinson

Scottish Kennel Club

21st May

Mrs J Lorrimer Mrs J Lorrimer


28th May

Mrs D Milligan-Bott Mrs D Milligan-Bott

Southern Counties

29th May


Three Counties

7th June

Mr J Thirwell Mr J Thirwell

Belfast & District ISC

11th June

Mrs D Cardwell Mrs D Cardwell

Border Union

19th June

Mrs L Armstrong-Rodgers Mrs L Armstrong-Rodgers


25th June

Mrs C Schofield Mrs C Schofield


1st July

Mrs S Lohkamp-Sommer Mrs S Lohkamp-Sommer

East of England

10th July

Mrs D Stewart-Ritchie Mrs D Stewart-Ritchie

South of England I S C

17th July

Mr D Pike Mrs F Curtis

Joint Irish Setter Clubs Hosted




24th July



6th August

Miss V Vamplew Miss V Vamplew

National Gundog

7th August

Mrs L Fauvrelle Miss M Henderson


14th August

Mr J Bott Mr J Bott

Welsh Kennel Club

21st August

Mrs J A Ward Mrs J A Ward

Scottish Kennel Club

30th August

Mrs C Heron Mrs C Heron

City of Birmingham

4th Sept

Mr R Bott Mr R Bott


11th Sept

Mrs B Birch Mrs B Birch


18th Sept

Mrs P Stockton Mrs P Stockton


24th Sept



2nd Oct

Mrs S Sturrock Mrs S Sturrock

Irish Setter Assoc of England

3rd Oct

Mr A Watt Mrs T Gisby


7th Oct


Gundog Society of Wales

12th Oct

Mr T Drinkwater Mr T Drinkwater

North East of England ISC

22nd Oct

Mrs W Duynkerke Mrs L Murray-Hogsflesh

Midland Counties

29th Oct

Mrs P Williams Mrs P Williams

Setter & Pointer

5th Nov

Mrs J Kniveton Mrs J Kniveton

Gundog Breeds Assoc of Scot

12th Nov

Mrs A Roberts Mrs J Humphreys


11th Dec

Mrs G Barker-Bell Mrs G Barker-Bell

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