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Breed Notes - Christine Morgan



Another important announcement from the Scottish Kennel Club:
“We are delighted to inform our Exhibitors that, due to this type of event, Exhibitors are classed as part of the event delivery and not spectators, therefore, no Covid Vaccination Passports are required to obtain entry. Facemasks are however mandatory in Scotland and would ask that Exhibitors bring a suitable face covering to be worn unless medically exempt or, when drinking and eating indoors.
Due to circumstances out with SKC's control, the back hall (Lowland Hall) is now being used by our NHS. SKC is pleased to announce that we have secured the green area to the side of the Highland Hall where a marquee will be erected for outside rings 17-26.   Please be assured that there will be adequate wet weather accommodation if needed on the day.  The order of Judging shall be published soon.
SKC would like to take this opportunity to thank our Exhibitors for their patience, messages of support and understanding, whilst the Officers, members of the SKC Executive Council and Staff worked on resolving these issues.”
The entry for Birmingham National where Anthony Allen is the judge is 105 making 129. On the same day at the same venue is the ISBC rearranged Championship show where the entry is 49 dogs making 59 entries for Chris Schofield and 58 bitches making 89 entries for Viv Blackshaw.
At Border Union the entry for Michelle Kavanagh is 61 making 68. Please note that Irish are second in ring 1 after 20/22 Irish Red & Whites which start at 9:00 a.m.


Laura Kolbach sent me further results from the ISCS Open show. RBD was Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin owned by Linda Murchison and RBB was Pawsword Promise owned by Marie Wilson.


I was sorry to hear that Pat Brigden (Autumnwood) passed away recently. She is better known for her Irish Red and White Setters but she did breed one Irish Show Champion and had her affix on another.
Richard Bott’s very first Irish Setter was Blaze who won his Junior Warrant and became Sh Ch Autumnwood Prince Of Tides J.W. He was bred by Pat in May 1992 out of her Copatain Star Of County Down Of Autumnwood by Sh Ch Marksway Marquis. His tally of awards was 3 CCs and 4 RCCs.  His first was from Lynn Dale at GBAS in 1994; second from Gordon Hogsflesh at NEEISC in 1996 and third from June Coates at Belfast ISC in 1998. His RCCs were from Anne Aitken at Richmond in 1995, Margaret Boardman at LKA in 1995, Julie Driver at NGA 1996 and Ferelith Somerfield at Driffield 1997. Sh Ch Danaway Lancelot Of Autumnwood was whelped in July 2005 by Mary Gurney out of   Danaway Demure by Danaway Michaelangelo. He was owned and handled by Suzy Roffey who has an interest in the Autumnwood affix and who owned a number of dogs in partnership with Pat. His first of 7 CCs was from Gordon Williams at City of Birmingham in 2007. Frank Whyte gave him his second at GSW in 2008 and Richard Bott titled him at Belfast ISC in 2009. He also won CCs from Diane Stewart Ritchie at Paignton 2009, Andrew Brace at SWKA 2009, Ferelith Somerfield at Windsor 2010 and Ron James at SKC 2010.
His 6 RCCs were awarded to him by Claire Prangle Driffield 2008, Pat Rhodes Manchester 2009, Jackie Willis 3 Counties 2010, Jacquie Lorrimer Border Union 2010, Judy Frampton NGA 2010 and Christine Warner Manchester 2011.
And more sad news I’m afraid.


Lorna Carslake (Moriba), aged 85 years, passed away peacefully in the early hours of Saturday the 11th September.
She had fallen earlier this year and broken her hip and spent some time in hospital. She was eventually allowed home with carers looking after her. Sadly, she picked up an infection and was admitted to the local Turriff Community Hospital. Her son, who lives in Australia, was able to get over here to Fyvie and spend the last few weeks with her.
As if she was there, she would talk about being at a dog show with Willy, her late husband, but knew that it really wasn’t the case; she realised that she had a touch of dementia.  Although she was very frail, she was strong and resolute to the end.
Willy passed away in 2012 and shortly after his passing a young stray cat arrived on their doorstop and Lorna decided that it was Willy come back to be with her. How touching then that Mabel died just a few weeks before her.
I am very grateful to Bonnie Scougal for letting me know of this sad news and her son is even more thankful as he was wondering how to let people know.
I wrote about their Irish in my notes of 31st August 2020.
I gave him my sincere condolences and told him that the Irish Setter community remember her and will be sad to read this.
Friends will be welcomed at her funeral at Clovery Woods of Rest, Fyvie, on Tuesday, September 21, at 1.30pm. No flowers please. Donations to 'Friends of Turriff Community Hospital'. For further information call (01651) 891204.


I was glad to receive the following from Sue Harris (Barleyarch GSPs) who thought it would be of interest and it is. It is written by Mike Herwin:             
Irish Setters Breed Report 12 Sept 2021 BRS AY1
BREED Irish Setters
Date 12 Sept 2021
Additions have been made to
Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement AY1 covering Jan-Mar 2021
Number of litters 18 with first named in each litter in my database
Number of puppies 161
Single registrations 0
Imports 8 of which 4 from Ireland, 2 from Poland and 1 from both Russia and Belarus
Export pedigrees issued 0
Stud Book entries 0
Ch level Titles awarded 0
Dogs with HD scores recorded 37
Pedigrees of all the above have been linked back from KC records to existing dogs on the database as far as my records allow and some Russian dog pedigrees have been added (mainly from Jetsetter kennels)
Total number of dogs on database now 19631, an increase of 145 dogs & pedigrees
Additional info
The Irish Setter has avoided, to a much greater extent than most other breeds, excessive breeding to take the money making activities of “injudicious” breeding. This can be seen by noting that 15 of the 18 litters were bred by holders of their own affix. In some of the breeds I work on, the blight of puppy farms is clearly evident. Congratulations to the Irish Setter breeders for being so responsible and acting on behalf of the future of Irish Setters.
Regards Mike Herwin


Darlington is a lovely show and is held at Ripon Racecourse. The lay out is spacious with its ‘in and out’ rings and neatly mown grass. The committee work very hard to put this show on for us and they were blessed with lovely weather for the duration. There was ample room for tents and gazebos.
Elaine Gratton (Glenaline) was our judge and for her dog CC she chose the winner of limit, Lynn Muir’s Gwendariff I'm Comin Out JW. This is Joe’s second CC and he also has 2 RCCs.
He was bred in August 2016 by Diane Stewart-Ritchie out of Copper's Comin Up Roses For Gwendariff (Imp Swe) by Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Northamber Just Cause For Glenavna J.W.
Following on from his CC win last week, Hector, (Allen, Bott & Morgan’s Quensha Take A Bow) took  the RCC from Junior.  
And following her recent run of wins, Eva Ciechonska’s Gwendariff Smart Move Back To Aoibheanne won limit and the bitch CC and BOB.
She too is bred by Diane and is three years old. She is by Sh Ch Gwendariff Unknown Soldier J.W. ex Aoibheanne's Smart Move Gwendariff.
Elaine awarded the RCC to the recently crowned Bardonhill Afternoon D'Lite at Fernstart who had won Veteran and was therefore BVIB.
BPIB was Magi Henderson’s Sametsuz Pillowtalk who is by Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper ex Sametsuz Mak'n Honey J.W. and was born in January this year.
Darlington show classifies several stakes classes and in the Eukanuba RCC & RBOS stakes Hector won the dog stakes and Bailey (B. Afternoon D'Lite at F) was second on the bitch stakes. The judge was Graham Hill.
In the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Stakes Class Pat & Ken Stockton’s Gwendariff D'Ya Think I'm Fab for Kespas JW was the winner under judge Mark James.
Congratulations everyone.


Higham Press were at the show doing the results and so I asked them about the mistake in last week’s results where a bitch was shown as having won Yearling Dog.
It was quite simply a mistake on the judging slip.
They can only input what is stated on the slip that is filled in by the judges; the numbers put in are the numbers relating to that dog at that show.
As I spoke to them they had quite a number of slips where the numbers written on them were wrong e.g. that number does not refer to that breed. They then have to wait for a steward to find the judge and rectify the error. I have to say that some of the hand writing I saw was appalling. 
Please bear in mind that sometimes exhibitors wear the wrong number and that numbers can be transposed; not all stewards pick up on this. On Friday there were some 900 slips to be input which I’m sure you will agree is a huge task.
Susan from Higham asks that if you see an error rather put it on Face Book where they will not see it, email them and they will do their best to rectify it. This is what happened last week; they saw the email, sent a steward to find out what had happened and put it right.


A Shedog and Nobby story
So, Shedog has a scratch on her forehead that turns into cellulitis and then it worsens and she goes to A & E. Nobby goes with her. The doctor decides that she must be admitted for a course of intravenous antibiotics.
Unprepared for this she has to send Nobby home to bring her some pyjamas and says ‘And bring me a phone charger so that I can keep in touch with everyone.’
Nobby returns a short while later and thrusts a carrier bag into her hands. Inside are two pairs of pjs and a nightie.
Shedog: And what’s this?
Nobby: A phone charger
Shedog: Oh thanks for that. Did you think to bring me any toiletries?
Nobby: No
Shedog: Well at least my mouth will be clean.
Nobby: What do you mean?
Shedog: It’s the charger for the electric toothbrush!
Nobby by name .................


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