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Breed Notes - Christine Morgan

W/C Monday 10TH AUGUST 2020


With the cancellation of Blackpool Championship show the notes that I had started to write have become totally out of date.
The judge for Irish should have been Teresa Gisby (Suteresett). Teresa last judged the breed at the ISAE in 2016 when she did the bitches only. Her CC winner was Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW and Reserve was Sh Ch Int Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten At Braidmount. I can’t find any Irish Setters winning Best in Show.


I see that Setter and Pointer and LKA have also been cancelled. What a shame all this is but we must look to the future and never lose hope because hope is never cancelled. “If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream.” Martin Luther King.

Bournemouth Championship show should have been today for Gundogs but it is now rescheduled for the first weekend in October with Gundog day being Monday the 5th, along with the Utility group. 
As far as I can tell no Irish Setter has ever been BIS there.

I tried to find details of Irish Setters that have been Best in Show at National Gundog but there seems to be no record other than that on Fosse Data which goes back to 2009. In 2018 Pat Butler-Holley judged BIS and awarded it to Blake Crocker’s Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses (Imp Swe), Shelagh Tolladay (Bethersden) was the dog judge on the day and she gave the RCC to Riverbrue Galliano Fizz To Clonageera. If you can remember any other Irish BIS winners please let me know and I’ll do some research.


In 1999 Peggy Grayson was the BIS judge at Paignton and she gave it to Sh Ch Caspians Interpid.
It was his 58th CC from breed judge Ron James, the Reserve went to Sh Ch Caskeys Blarney. In bitches it was Sh Ch Lynwod Time ‘L Tell and Sh Ch Romarne Rheanne.
Before this the only Irish to have been BIS was Sh Ch Rishtte Tarango in 1986 when Terry Thorn was the judge. The breed judge was Pat Turner and this was his first CC. His second came from Gordon Williams at Birmingham National in 1987 and his third from Nancy Jenkins later that year at GSoW.
He went on to win 10 in all, his last being at Bath in 1989 under Chris Tonkyn. He also picked up five Reserve CCs along the way.  He was owned and bred by Diane Irwin in March 1985 by Sh Ch Jason Of Andana Of Clonageera out of Stephenshill Val who was a Sh Ch Stephenshill Gamebird daughter. He sired five litters to Fleetfoot Angelica, Rishtte Sweet Sunnora, Westbourne Chantilly, Shirider Katrina and Smallcroft Scarlet Ribbons. I believe that these days Diane owns and breeds WHWT, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Jack Russell Terriers.
Above I mentioned Sh Ch Romarne Rheanne who was the winner of 10 CCs and a remarkable 26 Reserve CCs.
Annie was owned and bred by Lynn Muir in June 1996 out of Sh Ch Delsanto Romarna by Sh Ch Konakakela Zagar By Romarne.
Her first CC was in 1998 at ISAE when Lorna Carslake was the judge; her second was from Chris Atkinson at Windsor in 1999 and her third was at NEEISC in 1999 from Rita Pike. Her last CC was in 2003 at ISCS from Teresa Gisby.
Her 26 RCCs were won behind 19 other bitches. 3 were behind her half sister Sh Ch Delsanto Eleanor Of Jennison, 2 behind Sh Ch Fearnley Firesky at Glencarron, Sh Ch Jonola Liberty Belle, Sh Ch Delsanto Lucinda, Sh Ch Sametsuz Mak’N Mischief and Sh Ch Covarney Cara Mia Mine at Teramour. The first of these was in 1997 at Three Counties under Joy Tonkyn who gave the CC (her only one) to Shaytell Love Hurts. In 1998 she won 7, in 1999 6, in 2000 5, in 2002 5 and her last two in 2003.
In July 2001 Annie whelped a litter to Reddins Casey to produce Sh Ch Romarne Melissa who won 19 CCs and 7 RCCs; a litter sister R. Melinda J.W. won 1 RCC. She was mated to Jonola Adonis At Redchester J.W. and in 2004 produced two Junior Warrant winners, R. Justified and R. Jessica who won a CC and a Reserve. The CC came from Mel Hillocks at Three Counties 2008 and the RCC from Magi Henderson in 2007 at Midland Counties.


A Little Mate Story from July 2016
Every month I send MLM a spreadsheet of our dog expenses so that we split the cost between us. Yesterday I sent her July's. At 3 o'clock this morning she can't sleep and decides to reply to me.
MLM: What about Silha's vet bill?
Me: What about Silha's vet bill?
MLM: Well, why isn't it on?
Me: Well, why isn't it on?
MLM: What are you doing up at this time of the night?
Me: What are you doing up at this time of night?
MLM: Why are you repeating everything I say?
Me: Why are you repeating everything I say?
.................It's at this point that she realises she is sending the emails to herself. Bless.


And just to prove that it’s not always MLM here’s a story about her husband, David.
We never used to have a TV in the caravan but in 2012 when the Olympic Games were on we took one with us so as not to miss any of the action.
One day David is watching one of the events.
Me: It was a good idea bringing this TV wasn’t it?
David: Yeah but the remote control doesn’t work
Me: Well it was earlier; show me
David picks it up, points it at the TV and presses buttons; nothing happens
Me: David, that’s your mobile phone………..


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