Irish Setter Club of Wales
Breed Appreciation Day 30th March 2019








Wow! What a weekend we had! On the 30th March 2019 at Bishop’s Frome Village Centre, Worcester, the Irish Setter Club of Wales,

held their first Breed Appreciation Day (BAD). Even the sun came out to help put on a fantastic day. This was attended by some 50 dog

enthusiasts, who wanted to learn more about our wonderful breed, some very professional handlers, who very kindly brought some of the

best Irish Setters in the UK and mentors with some of the greatest experience of the breed. These totalled some 852 CC’s, and so many

years in the breed that we would not like to divulge. Not only this, but the Breed Appreciation Day brought together so many of the great

Irish Setter kennels in the UK.


After the morning registration at 9-9.30, the format of the day followed with an introduction, a history of the breed given by the vastly

experienced David Bell followed by a wonderful, in-depth over-view of the breed standard by Diane Stewart-Ritchie. Those qualified in

the requirements laid down by the Kennel Club then took part in the multiple-choice Breed Standard exam that was Kennel club approved.


A lunch break followed where the attendees were provided with some great food followed by an opportunity to discuss with the mentors

the pros and cons of some of the photos of dogs that were on show. It was also an opportunity to learn so much of the history of the breed.

Once this had concluded, the attendees then met the fantastic dogs on show. Some 10 dogs were on show, with approximately 150 CC’s

between them.


The attendees separated in to groups of up to 3, under the tutelage of the vastly experienced mentors. In depth discussions on each dog

on show followed. The handlers did a great job at presenting their dogs for such an extensive period. We are so very grateful to the owners

for bringing their prized pets to the day, who, I must say, behaved as any Irish setter would - impeccably.


The whole day was co-coordinated by the ISCW and Diane Stewart-Richie, who we cannot thank enough for helping put on this most

successful of days. Thank you does not seem to say enough, but thank you to the attendees, the handlers, owners, the fantastic mentors

and the beautiful world class dogs.


We all hope you enjoyed. The ISCW.


Thanks to Hefin Jones for the report & photos