New Website - Thank you all for your emails & Facebook messages.
We have been delighted and encouraged by your comments and good wishes.

Keeps us motivated whilst sitting for hours in front of a Computer or looking down the lens of a Camera

Colin & Pamela


Here are some of your messages and what you had to say

Pat Rutherford - Love the new website, you have put a lot of work into it.

Kelli Talving - Must be a full time job to keep the web page updated and running!

        but i think your work is very appreciated all over the world


Blake Crocker - New Website is fantastic. I love it

Wanda Pepers  - Your new website is looking great. Well done


Maureen Mitchell - Fantastic Colin & Pamela!  Congratulations x


Kasia Czapla - Love the new design of your website. Great work

                                                              So really appreciate all your efforts to bring all setter people together


Sandra Nevitt - A great job Colin, very professional  xx

Alison & Frank Meadows - Good job, well done, thank you


Camilla Ostman - great work


John Wilson - Great website - probably the best in Europe or was that Carlsberg!!


Marti Magi - Looking lovely, you must have had a lot of work with it. Thanks you in name of the lovers of our breed


LIse Vermeiren - Lookin fabulous


Jacqueline Whitaker - Great new website. Congratulations looking at those gorgeous adults & puppies so
                                  very tempting especially now Monty is 9 years old. I could never be without a setter


Barbara Kay - Well done

Kathleen Alexander - Great pictures


George Gorman - Like the new website - its the best Irish Setter website on the internet

Laura Kolbach - looks great. Must click on everything now


Rieky van Hal - Super well done looking great


Kay Donnelly - Congratulations Colin and Pamela. Keep up the good work! xx


Susan Stone - Looking good! Well done


Donna Pikerill - Love it, it's very eye catching and easy to find your way around


Pinar Okuldas - Congratulations, great work from great persons


Tracy Watkins - Fantastic

Arni Stefan - Love to follow you from up here in Iceland. I am owned by three Irish and am proud


Diane McDonald - Looking great, well done Colin & Pam xxx


Sue Randle - Love it ...well done x


Irina Isaenko - Nice website, Looks modern


Gordon Rowbottom - Love the new layout, great job


Mary Gurney - Love the new website


Sylvie Stocker - Thank you Colin & Pam


Viv Blackshaw - Well done ! Looks great !


Gayle Sheridan - Love the new website, but husband wasn't too impressed with sound waking him up in the early hours!!


Jackie Willis - Looks Brilliant

Ann Paleski - Super Work!! - Will be so exciting to follow


Gina Morris - We purchased an Irish Setter puppy via your website.  Although we don't show we visit regulary


Tania Gardner - Looks really good, well done x


Cheryl Stevenson - Loving the new look


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