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Breeder: Mrs Sara Jales

Dunroon Irish setters
Dunroon Irish setters are predominately working dogs and have been line bred back to the foundation

dog Champion Joamnas Adriano who was a pure bred Sulhampsted bitch covered by a Wendover dog.

Adriano went best of breed at LKA in 1970 and had 17 Field Trial awards being unlucky not to get a dual title.
Over the last 50 years all of those line bred Dunroon dogs have consistently won at Field Trials.
In 2001 we imported a Swiss bred dog with well known Swedish and English lines in order to introduce

new blood into the current working lines, this litter is a result of this mating.
Although they are working dogs they make great pet dogs that have a lovely temperament.

The Sire and Dam both live in the house and love everyday life when not working.
Currently there are 5 male dogs available

Mrs Sara Jales

Cottered, Hertfordshire