Irish Setter Rescue

East Midlands Social Region of the I.S.B.C.

The Annual Sponsored Walk & Garden Party 2019
In Aid of Irish Setter Rescue & Rehome
Hosted by the “East Midlands Social Region of the I.S.B.C.

At Treetops ,111 Cavendish Rd Matlock DE4 3HE

Full Report & photos by Maggie Parker -

Rubymaggie Photography



The East Midland Regional Social Group of the I.S.B.C  - Maggie Parker

Update on the Spring Matlock Irish Setter Rescue Walk and Garden Party 2018

In May none of us would have dreamt of the fabulous Summer that was to follow the Spring Matlock Irish Setter Rescue Walk and Garden Party. Nor did we envisage that this iconic event would raise the amazing sum of £2290 for the ISRANDR. A serious amount of cash raised by good friends with passion to support the Irish Setter in want of a new home and family to love.

A Big Thank You to each and every dog and owner that supported the walk – it really could not have happened without you. Looking forward to seeing you good people 5th May 2019 at Tree Tops when Olivia O’Henson will be awarded the Clyde Cup for raising the most money for this years walk – a superb £230!  Congratulations Olivia.

Matlock Irish Setter Walk and Garden Party 2018, photo Maggie Parker. Spring is such a glorious and hopeful time of the year, the luscious Irish Red Setter contrasts perfectly against the verdant green. Not sure who this beauty is but she paints a truly beautiful picture in the Tree Tops garden. Join us in 2019 to help all Irish Setters be this picture.

East Midland Social Region of the I.S.B.C
Annual Matlock Walk & Garden Party


On behalf of the East Midland Social Region of the I.S.B.C

A Huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined us on Sunday for the Annual Matlock Walk & Garden Party. 
It was a glorious day and a fantastic turn out. Without you the supporters we wouldn’t be able to 
raise funds to aid our Beautiful Breed in their times of need. Thanks to your generosity our initial total 
was £1,482.50 on Sunday evening with some pledges for the walk still to be collected.

It just leaves me to say, see you all next year May 5th 2019 Same Place Same Time when we will do it all again.

Gill Dale


he Matlock charity walk and garden party in aid of Irish Setter Rescue and Rehome took place in glorious sunshine. 
 This collection of pictures shows the great support for this annual event hosted by Gill and Andy Dale at their Treetops home.
 A real mixture of people and dogs enjoyed the Derbyshire countryside and the scrummy afternoon tea. 
 So far £1500 has been raised with more to come. A great day with great people and dogs doing a great thing 
 for the breed we love…The Irish Setter. Make a date in your dairy for May 5th 2019.



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